Refugee found guilty of 2 terror-related counts in Denver

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DENVER (AP)-- A federal court has found a Uzbekistan refugee guilty on two terror-related counts including providing aid to the Islamic Jihad Union.

The Denver Post reports that Bakhtiyor Jumaev will be sentenced on July 18. Prosecutors accuse Jumaev of using code to pay a $300 contribution to the union, in addition to conspiring to join and provide material support.

Jumaev's attorney David Barry Savitz counters that Jumaev was just repaying a debt to a friend.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Holloway says that during an interview with FBI agents in 2012, Jumaev acknowledged sending money to support the union.

Savitz had claimed that the FBI illegally extracted a false confession from Jumaev by arresting him after he worked a graveyard shift and interrogating him for three hours while he was scared, exhausted and felt trapped.

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