Red Cross Heroes: Lois Bogart

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Lois Bogart is our final hero. She and her late husband, Randy's volunteer work for the Red Cross took them many places around the country to help those who needed it.

“He said, why don’t we do something together, and so that’s how it went," said Lois Bogart.

An activity they could do together to give back. That was one of many reasons Randy and Lois Bogart joined the Red Cross.

“He just realized this was something he could do in his way of helping in the community. He was just such a likeable fellow and he just went up the ranks real quick," said Bogart.

Randy served as a volunteer for the Red Cross for years before a sudden tragedy ended his life. His wife, Lois, remembers his passion for helping others.

“He was always ready for that phone to ring for us to get our vests on and go out the door,” says Bogart.

That enthusiasm took the Bogart’s to many disasters all across the country.

“Katrina was by far the worst,” said Bogart.

Now Lois is being honored with an award named after her husband’s legacy and what does she think about that?

“It’s just the biggest honor I think that I could ever hope to achieve. I really didn't think that I deserved it. I felt they made a mistake when he told me about it,” said Bogart.

And what would Randy think about this special honor?

“He just wanted me to get involved and so I’m doing my best to carry on,” says Bogart.

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