Red Cross Heroes: Amanda Orr

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Every night between April 20th and 24th KJCT will feature a Red Cross Hero in our Community. Tuesday's Hero is 9-1-1 Dispatcher Amanda Orr.

"9-1-1, this is Amanda what's your emergency?"

"My little brother fell in the pool and he's not breathing!"

A terrifying call and every parent's worst nightmare. Just another day on the job for Amanda Orr.

"We take a lot of, unfortunately, bad calls all the time," says 9-1-1 Dispatcher Amanda Orr. "You really have to learn to control your callers and get them the help that they need. Because they're having the worst day of their life."

Amanda, a parent herself, stayed incredibly cool on the phone that fateful day.

"It's always traumatic listening to a parent dealing with a child," says Monica Million, GJPD 9-1-1 Dispatch Operations Manager. "Being a parent herself, the challenge for us is to maintain separation and we don't let our own anxiety and emotions ramp into the situation. Amanda did a great job of keeping it separate."

Keeping herself calm and talking the caller through emergency response.

"I coached them through CPR instructions and the little boy ended up making it, which is very nice to hear," says Orr. "It's always good when we have a good story like this one. we deal with a lot of bad every day and so it's really nice to have something come out good."

Amanda's quick response helped save a life that day, but as most average heroes, she doesn't consider herself the hero type.

So what does being a hero mean?

"It means just being selfless," says Orr. "Helping other people who obviously need it. I think that it doesn't necessarily take a type of person to be a hero; anybody can. It's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time and being able to help somebody else that needs it."

"Heroes are humble," says Dispatch Operations Manager Monica Million. "They're somebody who does the right thing every time when nobody's looking."

The Red Cross will honor these Heroes of Western Colorado at their 9th annual banquet and dinner Friday, April 24th, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Double Tree Hotel.

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