Rain, rain, all over the place

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- We've been getting some rain in the Grand Valley, but some areas are getting more than others.

The National Weather Service said the official airport gauges at the end of the runway got only a trace of rain Wednesday, while a mile away, gauges got more than double that. Unofficial reports across the Grand Valley are showing even higher amounts.

Summer thunderstorms are often isolated and can move slowly off the higher terrain without any steering winds. That weather situation can cause these erratic rain reports and present other hazards as well.

"Here in the Grand Valley in town, if we have a lot of heavy rain and rainfall rates, sometimes our sewer systems can't handle that,” said Matthew Aleksa, meteorologist. “So, we tend to see some street flooding that can be typical if we have a lot of rain falling in a short period of time."

There have been some mudslides reported near Ouray. These kinds of thunderstorms can also bring dry lightning that can start fires, like the ones we've seen on Glade Park.

The Weather Service said these storms should happen more often as we head into the rest of this summer.

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