Prop 112 initiative reappears

Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 4:34 PM MST
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An environmental group is pushing to get another vote on a failed oil and gas bill that would have increased the distance wells could be set up from schools and homes. Their initiative isn’t sitting well with the oil and gas industry.

On Tuesday, grassroot organization Colorado Rising proposed a ballot initiative that would revamp ideas from Proposition 112.

A local organization West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association worries that if the proposition passes, jobs and resources in Colorado will take a big hit. But, Colorado Rising argues that research shows that there’s a need from more setback to protect health and safety.

In Colorado, the current state setbacks is 500 feet for homes and 1,000 feet for schools. If passed, it will be pushed to 2,500 feet.

“These are carbon copy initiatives that they are trying to recycle and bring back at the expense of our hardworking families and workers here and throughout the state,” says Executive Director West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association Chelsie Miera.

“There was a study done by Colorado school of public health that saw chemical exposure at a half a mile away from oil and gas extraction,” says Colorado Rising Communication Director Anne Leefoster.