Preparing the house for falling danger

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) -- Hearing the loud high pitched noise of a fire alarm can be prevented by properly taking care of your home during the fall.

A time when the clock fall back is usually associated with changing the batteries on the smoke detector. The fire department suggest checking the batteries once a month.

"A great way to start fall is with Fire Prevention Week which is October 9-15. We ask that you check your smoke detector, replace batteries and make sure they're functioning properly," Dirk Clingman, Grand Junction Fire Department community outreach specialist, said.

As the leaves begin to fall, they can create a fire hazard.

"They can also collect in your drains in your home and lead to water damage that you're not expecting so taking care of those leaves right away is always a good policy," Clingman said.

Clingman suggest cleaning your drain regularly.

"(Leaves) can very easily ignite. a lot of times they are dry and can catch fire very quickly so we ask that you take care of that and not leave it just piled up on your property," Clingman said.

As the leaves fall, the temperature will continue to drop especially at night. Many folks may begin considering turning the heat on.

“Ensure that your heating system is working before it gets cold and not right when it gets cold," Matt Peiffer, Service Manager with Avalanche Heating and Cooling, said.

Companies like Avalanche can check and clean furnaces for about $80 to $120. During the appointment Peiffer said they will make other recommendations to properly winterize your home and possibly save more money during the frigid months.

“Make sure all the weather stripping around your doors and windows is in good condition," Peiffer said.

Proper weather strips will prevent a cold draft from entering your home, along with windows that close all the way.

Another tip Peiffer suggests is changing the filter every month. He said it's a misconception that filters will last all winter long.

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