Peach season nears for Palisade farmers after the April freeze

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KJCT)- “It affected a lot of people because a lot of the workers who would depend on this job year after year didn’t have any fruit to thin,” said Brittany Dunn, owner, Palisade Organic Peach Ranch.

The crop freeze in April ruined a large peach crop across the valley.

Still, peach season is close by, and local farmers' markets are preparing.

Palisade Organic Peach Ranch only has about 25% of their peaches compared to last year-- Sage Organics lost their entire cherry crop.
Peaches usually take an entire year to become ripe.

“Get out there and support your local growers and local businesses, this is a really important time to support our local economy, to keep us going,” says Paola Legarre, owner, Sage Creation Organic Farm.

The Palisade farmer's market will host 30 vendors this year—it will include fruit, eggs, cheeses, and jams among other products.

There will be a one-way traffic flow and two entrances as a safety precaution.

The market opens Sunday, June 14th in downtown Palisade.

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