Don't let the bedbugs bite

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PALISADE, Colo. (KJCT) -- At first glance, the set of apartments in the 900 block of South Iowa Avenue in Palisade look just fine.

But, residents said if you step inside you may start thinking otherwise.

"We can’t sleep, we're on edge, I’m cleaning constantly," said Danielle Barrer, a resident in the apartment complex.

It’s been going on for about three weeks.

"My roommates have gotten bit probably 30, 40 times," said Barrer.

Barrer is one of many residents with a big problem.

"There's a bed bug infestation,” said Barrer.

Not just a big problem, but a bug problem. The bed bugs are coming from a first-floor neighbor.

"They’re coming up through the floors, up the walls, into our houses," said Barrer.

Barrer and a neighbor said they have told the landlord, but he said he is doing everything that he can.

“It’s every day, we're constantly cleaning, constantly looking for bugs," said Barrer.

The landlord said the bed bugs are coming from a disabled veteran’s apartment. So now it’s up to social services and the courts to get him out.

Neighbors aren't too pleased with that answer.

"He could be doing a lot more for these places, a lot more. It doesn't take that much to even make the place decent,” said Barrer.

Some neighbors have since turned to trying what bug experts say will get rid of the nasty bugs.

"If you put your stuff in the dryer it will kill them, if you wrap your stuff in plastic it's supposed to smother them,” said Barrer.

Still, they can't seem to squash the issue.

"Once the spray dries it's nothing, it's only good while it's wet,” said Barrer. “As long as the poison is wet the bugs will die, but if they don't walk across it they still live."

Barrer and her friend said they plan to move.

“The safest get out is just to throw everything away and start over," Barrer said.

Until then, it's sleep tight, and try not to let the bed bugs bite.

"It's getting worse before it's getting better," said Barrer.

It depends on the lease and contracts, but the landlord of this property said he is taking care of the problem. For now, he said not much can be done until the initial source of the infestation is cleared. That can’t be done while someone is living in the apartment.

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