Palisade Board of Trustees say 'yes' to 40-foot gas station sign

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A 40-foot gas station sign will be going up in the town of Palisade.

It was decided at Tuesday night's Board of Trustees meeting. It will be for the Golden Gate Petroleum gas station near I-70.

"We just need to stick to the town code of 20 feet, the negotiating has not been genuine at this point," said Jamie Somerville, who lives in Palisade.

But the developers of the Golden Gate Petroleum gas station wants the sign to be higher so it can be seen from the interstate. Last time around, the developers were asking for a 60-foot sign, and that was rejected by the board.

"We have lowered the sign to 40 feet which is the same height as the Grande River Vineyard sign," said Tom Weatherby, an account executive with YESCO, the company designing the sign.

The people are worried about the precedent this would set.

"Whatever they decide is going to be what everybody asks for, so we have a 20-foot rule for a reason and it's served us nicely," said Somerville. "We don't have light pollution in town and we have no signs blocking skyline," he added.

The developer believes this sign will fit right in with the area.

"We actually used the gold that the fruit and wine byway uses with a big bowtie with Palisade on it," said Weatherby.

The developer made another change to this whole gas station plan.

"We changed it to one-hour parking and no engine idling. those were two of the main concerns," said Weatherby. "This is not a truck stop, not designed and not engineered for one," he said.

Some other things presented that are similar with past presentations are the fact that the sign will be a V shape and only illuminate the interstate and Bookcliffs. It'll also be designed to blend in with the natural color of the Bookcliffs.

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