Nuclear Care Partners gets accreditation

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. If you need healthcare because you worked in the atomic industry, Grand Junction’s Nuclear Care Partners says they’re the best people you can see. They were just recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.

That means they have the highest level of care in the country for former atomic workers.

Nuclear Care Partners says they're the only healthcare facility of their kind in the country at that level.

They help take care of people who have developed illnesses from radiation and toxic chemical exposure.

"Across the Western Slope we have thousands of workers that worked either in the Uravan site, the AEC compound site here in Grand Junction; and then across the state of Colorado there's multiple sites where we have pockets of patients as well," said Amanda Jensen, RN, Branch Director Nuclear Care Partners.

Former Department of Energy workers might qualify for no-cost, in-home medical benefits.

In order to get their accreditation, NCP says they had to go through a rigorous process of surveys, visits, interviews and other reviews.

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