Norwood residents on edge after girls' murders: "It just doesn't mix..."

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NORWOOD, Colo. (KJCT) -- Five people are facing charges in the deaths of two young girls near Norwood in Western Colorado.

Norwood is a small town with about 500 people, located about 35 miles west of Telluride.

“It’s a pretty quiet, mellow town,” said Ernie Jauregui, a Norwood resident.

“Everybody knows everything and knows what’s going on,” said Charlotte Steele.

That was until Sept. 8, when two young girls were found dead on a property sitting on multiple acres of land just south of Norwood.

“It just doesn’t mix or fit into this area,” said Jauregui. “I just happened to be up in that area and that intersection where law enforcement was there and I thought maybe there was an accident."

The San Miguel Sheriff’s Office said it received a tip leading them to a property sitting on several acres of land just south of Norwood.

“It kind of makes you rethink things, you just kind of wonder what’s going on that you don’t know about,” said Steele.

They said one of the suspects, Frederick Blair, was living in Norwood. However, they believe fourth other suspects charged in the case had not been in town for more than two months.

“These people were not locals, they had moved in,” said Jauregui.

Investigators won’t release the names or ages of the girls, or if they were reported missing.

“I’m concerned we hadn’t heard the children were missing, and for two weeks. It’s really kind of odd to me,” said Steele.

The incident has residents shaken up.

“I think it’s just the shock as well as anger, you hate hearing something happen to kids,” said Jauregui.

It's even making some think twice about their safe little town and where their own kids are.

“They’re on a buddy system now, they don’t go anywhere alone, make sure they are always with someone and they have to check in,” said Steele, who has grandkids who live in Norwood.

The five suspects are facing felony child abuse causing death charges.
They are set to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon.

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