New school year, new teacher

 Chatfield Elementary School library
Chatfield Elementary School library (KJCT)
Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 7:40 AM MDT
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Kids across District 51 said goodbye to summer break and hello to the new school year. Though we know students are starting a new grade, we forget that some teachers are starting their very first year of teaching.

Mr. Philips, who is among one of the eight new teachers at Chatfield Elementary School, has been preparing his classroom since the moment school let out in May.

Mr. Phillips says he's excited to get kids through the doors of his classroom and actually get the chance to start teaching, especially mathematics.

However, when the 5th-grade educator was asked if he always wanted to be a teacher, he had this to say...

“No, I actually tried to avoid being a teacher my entire life,” says Mr. Phillips. “My parents were educators here in District 51 so my career choices were the opposite of teaching, but I came out of the military and found teaching to be something that I wanted to pursue.”

Mr. Philips also shared what he, along with other teachers, have been training for all summer long.

“We have been working really hard this summer, going to different trainings. At Chatfield, we are implementing STEM into our curriculum and with that, just so many new ideas have come through and it's just exciting to finally have students and get to try this out.”

Chatfield is one of the first schools in Clifton to have this program in their school and has made major updates to their library; adding computers, a Lego wall and an art center. They call it the “Maker’s Space.”

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