New school pick-up system stirs controversy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT News)-- Traffic jams in the school parking lot can be a nightmare. Nisley Elementary has implemented a new pick-up system for parents.

“So like many Colorado schools, we have given numbers to the vehicles. When the vehicle’s number is called, students know that’s their vehicle number and they can come out,” says school principal, Dorothy Wolf.

But some parents say the system is making it worse. Nisley parent, Alicia Popham, doesn’t feel that the new system is the way to go.

“I don’t think it’s very easy on the kids, I don’t think that it’s right. It’s very similar to the Holocaust because they’ve numbered each person and they said, ‘ok this number needs to get on the train and go,’ except for nobody’s dying at the school,” says Popham.

The given numbers are printed and laminated, but Popham says anybody can do it.

“Anybody can make a copy of that number card and then laminate it, cut it out and put it in their window just like every other parent,” says Popham.

Nisley says the new system is to make pick-up safer for students, keeping students inside the cafeteria until their vehicle arrives.

“They were often running across the street or going across parking lots and we were having a hard time keeping track of students whose parents were picking them up in vehicles," says Wolf.

And say it's much needed because of Orchard Avenue construction. But Popham says using the numbering system, is still bothersome.

“People aren’t numbers, they are people. They can use the child’s name. They should know the children’s names because the children go to their school,” says Popham.

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