New local breweries could mean more economic growth

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 9:24 PM MST
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2020 seems to be a new year for business, with several breweries opening their doors real soon.

Co-owner of the new Monumental Beer Works, Brian Fischer, says he and his team have been working for the past three years putting the place together.

“On the Hwy 6 & 50 corridor, this will be the first brewery in this specific area,” says Fischer.

Right now there are only a handful of local breweries, but the industry in Colorado is more than pint-sized.

“When we were doing our business plan, the craft beer industry in the state of Colorado was the number two employer behind Denver International Airport,” says Fischer.

According to the Boulder-based Brewers Association, “Colorado craft beer has grown to a $3 billion industry, nearly tripling its economic impact since 2014”.

“The craft beer industry in the United States has made a huge economic impact. Colorado is no different,” says Fischer “It can really revitalize urban centers in different parts of the region.”

The GJ Chamber of Commerce has said previously that sustained growth over the past couple years has been a big help. Giving folks like Fischer, the ability to set up shop.

“Local business is really what we want to collaborate with. Local artists are who we want to elevate,” says Managing Partner of Monumental Beer Works, Peter Campbell.

“People seek areas where not only can they have the outdoor activities but then where they can go enjoy a great craft beverage afterwards,” states Fischer.

Fischer says they expect to open their doors around the end of February or the middle of March, but there is no official opening date yet.

The other craft beer locations to open soon in Grand Junction are Ramblebine Brewing Company and Foam & Folly Brewing. Ramblebine is set to open in the spring, Foam and Folly is estimated to open in the summer.

Fischer explains what sets Monumental Beer Works apart is that they will be the only brewery taproom in the city.

They’re also localizing their sources. They say they will be using local artwork, local building materials and local ingredients for brewing.

Something Fischer says they are working on as they open their place are wine beers. Wine beers are fermented in a traditional way but they are fermented on wine grapes. Fischer says they are hoping to use that local resource that’s already here.