Palisade: way more than just peaches

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PALISADE, Colo. -- The third annual Palisade Brews and Crews festival on Saturday afternoon, showed the Western Slope is more than just picking peaches and pouring wine.

This weekend at the Brews and Crews festival, the brewing community was cheers-ing to continued growth and success.

"We are really grateful that there is an outdoor community, and just a community and general around palisade. Because that's the kind of people we really want to foster craft beer locally,” said Evan Linko, the Marketing Assistant Palisade Brewing Company.

In Palisade, a local industry is beginning to brew.

"Western Colorado is way behind the front range, so we are pretty excited about what’s starting to happen. This is a way to celebrate brewers from all over the state of Colorado," said Scott Holzschuh, the Market President for Colorado National Bank.

Over 30 local craft breweries and wineries poured over 90 different flavors of hops and barley in Palisade.

"It really does have a multiplier effect for our community and it’s just fun. We see our friends and our neighbors we get to hang out in a beautiful park,” Holzschuh continued.

Colorado has more breweries per capita, than any other state in the nation. Now Palisade has been placed on the craft brewery map.

“We feel that we are making our dent in the economic development of the Grand Valley for everybody,” said Juliann Adams the Executive Director of Palisade Chamber of Commerce.

New development within local breweries has expanded the industry on the Western Slope and will welcome anyone who wants to join in on the growing opportunities.

“Encouraging other people this is not a competitive industry we are against competition. We drink beer because taste good,” explained Linko.

Beer: a taste that has been drawing more and more people to the Grand Valley.

“Brews and crews, is our first big festival of the festival season,” Linko added. “It's a crazy time in the summer for us and many other local businesses.”

The festival in Palisade brought nearly 900 people to town during the weekend.

The Palisade Chamber of Commerce plans to put on many summer festivals to bring more people and in turn, revenue and tourism to the entire Grand Valley.

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