Neighbors say mail stolen right out of mailboxes

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Residents in a Redlands neighborhood reportedly had pieces of mail stolen right out of their mailboxes. Some items were thrown on the street, others went missing altogether.

One neighbor did file a report with the Grand Junction Police, but police said the case is inactive because there's no suspect. Neighbors said they are now being more careful with their mail.

Typically North Arriba Circle is typically a fun and safe place where neighbors talk, kids play and the people who call this street home are close. Recently though their sense of trust was shaken.

"The postal worker that works our neighborhood said that wasn't normal for over here and that's the first time she's heard of that happening in our neighborhood," said Amy Gray, a resident who had mail taken from her mailbox.

Right around Christmas time, neighbors said at least six homes had mail stolen from them.

"Stealing is pretty low and right around the holidays, and it was money for my kids from their grandparents so that's pretty lame," said Jacob Martin, another neighbor who had mail stolen.

Martin reported it to the police and told the rest of the neighbors.

"We had neighbors that had the same thing happen to them," said Martin.

"We had a couple cards that were ripped into and had already been opened and they had money stolen," said Gray.

She said that wasn't the only thing that was missing.

"My best friend sent me a package and it never got here. So I had her check to find out where it was and it was delivered on the 22nd," said Gray."We're new out here and when you miss your family and friends and they send you something sweet, it hurts to have something like that going missing."

Neighbors are trying to keep this from happening again.

"For now I'm getting my mail every day until I talk to my leasing company and see if we can change the mailbox," said Gray.

"I make sure to check it every evening," said Martin.

Martin did happen to have a dash-cam set up on his truck, but his windshield iced over and he wasn't able to make out anything from the video.

Police said that if you ever notice something is missing or may have been messed with to always report it so that they have a record of it.

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