National Wild Turkey Federation hosts event to introduce kids to hunting and conservation

Published: Mar. 24, 2019 at 5:52 PM MDT
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After a five year hiatus, the National Wild Turkey Federation has returned to Grand Junction.

They're hoping to re-establish prominence in the valley, starting with a free event at Edgewater Brewery in Grand Junction.

On Sunday, the club set up an inflatable BB Gun range, and turkey calling workshop to teach kids about hunting, conservation ethics, and firearm safety.

“The thing is, you never want to point a gun at somebody,” C.T. Suskey, one of the kids at the event explained. “You have to always be safe when you’re shooting, if not you could end up hurting somebody, you could end up hurting yourself, or other wildlife."

For Clint Suskey, who taught the turkey call workshop, it's about passing down traditions.

“If we don’t take the initiative to help out them, then hunting is going to go to the wayside,” he said.

C.T. is becoming an avid hunter himself.

"Some people don’t realize what hunting is about. They just say all you’re doing is going out and killing animals. It’s not just that, we’re hunting for our food,'" he said.

And Clint said he hopes this event is just the beginning. The local NWTF chapter will host a banquet later this year.

“Being able to be a mentor for kids here in the valley is huge for us,” Clint said.