Mussels concern at Highline Lake

Published: Jul. 17, 2019 at 4:18 PM MDT
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The spread of mussels has park officials at Highline Lake State Park worried.

This year Colorado has already seen 51 infested boats, two of them were at Highline Lake. Lake Powell in Utah is completely infested with mussels, and Highline is the closest body of water to Lake Powell.

Park staff say it's a huge concern statewide, not only for boaters but also for water users. If a lake or river becomes infected, they will have to close it.

"Wipe your boats down, make sure they're clean. Drain all the water out of your engines, out of any compartments that you have, and let those boats dry. That will prevent the spread from happening," says Park Manager, Alan Martinez.

Mussels are very small and form when boats are not wiped down after use. Colorado does have an ANS program in place, so every boat is inspected before going on state park waters.