Music students "Rock Out" to raise money

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Music students at Orchard Mesa Middle School had a day off from class Monday, and they spent it in the gym, rockin' out. But they did it with rocking chairs, not music.

"We're supposed to do this because people paid us for every hour, they paid us a certain amount of money that we rock," Student Benton Kellerby said.

The kids pledged to rock for 10 hours, to raise money for their own music program.

"They walk around to family and friends and they get pledges or donations," Choir and Orchestra Teacher Susan Sanchez said.

It's a rock solid way to raise money.

"It feels good to help out my community, just sitting here," Kellerby said.

"We need the money for new instruments or people that can't afford to buy their own," Student Riley Maguire said.

The kids are in the gym all day, but they found ways to pass the time.

"I brought food, and water, and like, electronics and things to play on while we are waiting," Maguire said.

And to make things interesting, the Grand Junction High School Marching Band showed up.

"Its fun hanging out with your friends, and not having to sit there and learn in class," Maguire said.

But they really do take pride in what they are doing.

"It's their program. So if they can raise the money to help buy the music or whatever they need, then its buy-in for them," Sanchez said.

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