Multiple crashes due to early morning snow, GJ plows at the ready

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 3:59 PM MST
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It was a slick start to the Monday morning commute. The weather was so bad that an accident alert was issued due to the number of crashes.

This means if no one was hurt or drunk, police simply want you to exchange relevant insurance and contact information instead of calling 911.

We’ve had more snow this winter compared to last, which means the City of Grand Junctions snowplow team has been out in full force.

When a snowstorm hits, they use on average 40 to 50 tons of de-icing salt called ‘ice slicer’.

"We've probably went through about 400 tons of ice slicer, so we've ordered about 700 so we figure we are about 300 tons ahead of where we started this season out of available here in the shed,” said Darren Starr, Manager of streets and solid waste.

They also use special cameras that report back data to help predict road conditions and surface temperatures.

"Get them geographically in certain areas of town so that we get a feel for different weather as it comes through."

They get an annual budget of about $60,000 for de-icing products and another $20,000 to maintain the cameras and weather centers.

"We’ve spent probably about $40,000 on that so far just filling the shed up,” said Starr.

The city has seven snow plow trucks covering about 50 miles.

Along with their ice-slicer, they use magnesium chloride which is a liquid de-icer. That's used when temps aren't as cold.

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