Moose on the loose in Fruita

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FRUITA, Colo. (KJCT) -- Cows, horses, maybe even some chickens—that's what you typically expect to find in north Fruita. But what about a moose?

"My daughter and I were heading to church yesterday, it was about 7:30 in the morning. We saw a black spot and I thought it was a cow,” said Brett Crabb, a Loma resident. “I asked my daughter, she’s 12 and she said, ‘no it's a moose, dad.’ I said, ‘no it’s not.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said it was young moose, one that had most likely been kicked out of an older moose’s territory.

"I’ve only seen them in the park, Rocky Mountain National Park,” said Miguel Santana, a Fruita visitor from Utah. "It just seems like too warm of a climate for them to come around here.”

Mike Porras with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said people are starting to see moose in areas that just a few years ago would have never had a moose.

This weekend that included the area between Fruita and Loma near Highline Lake.

"It’s trying to find its own way and certainly the neighborhoods of Fruita are not the best place for it to be,” said Porras.

The most suitable habitat in the area is the Grand Mesa, so on Sunday; wildlife officers tranquilized the young moose and moved it back to the Grand Mesa.

"I was glad they were able to locate it and round it up and send it back up,” said Crabb.

Porras said the moose population is growing in Colorado, and if you see a moose it is important to keep your distance. They can be very dangerous. They are not afraid of people and will stand their ground if confronted.

"We are used to seeing a lot of wildlife, however a moose was very surprising,” said Crabb.

Porras said it is important to be educated about Moose. More information can be found on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

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