Moon Farm preps pumpkins for cold front after some experienced freezing

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FRUITA, Colo. (KJCT News)-- Temperatures are expected to drop on Wednesday to near freezing. Moon Farms is taking precaution after a cold front that hit almost two weeks ago caused many of the pumpkins to freeze.

“This is something that’s never happened. We’ve been doing the patch for nine years,” says Dave Moon of Moon Farms.

“It’s kind of sad seeing how many got destroyed by the weather,” says visitor, Cayla Crockell.

The farm was able to save about 80% of the pumpkins. The western slope saw the lighter end of the cold.

“We were lucky. Some of the big places back in Denver, I heard they lost 90% of their pumpkin crop because those temperatures got down to ten degrees,” says Moon.

In colder temperatures pumpkins can freeze solid: “As that starts to thaw, just that cycle, it starts getting softer and softer on the top and eventually it pretty much just collapses in on itself,” says Moon.

Following the method from two weeks ago, Moon Farms is covering the crops with concrete tarps to keep them from caving in.

“I feel that we’re very lucky that we’re able to get tarped and save what we have. So we’re going to have plenty of pumpkins to get us to the finish,” says Moon.

Even though a few saw a shorter lifespan, others are intended to make it until the 31st.

According to our meteorology team, during this time of year our average low is already in the upper thirties.

This upcoming weekend is Moon Farms last weekend in October. Dave Moon says there are still plenty healthy pumpkins left in the patch.

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