Montrose teachers deliver help to special student

MONTROSE, Colo. (KJCT) -- Everyone is missing out on some of their favorite things right now because of COVID-19. When you are missing something you can't live without, it can cause a lot of stress.

"I was starting to get a little panicked to be honest," said Patty Bone. "He has severe sensory issues especially with food."

Jude Bone has autism. Jude also loves ramen. Like, really loves ramen. His favorite dish was in short supply thanks to COVID-19 . Luckily his school, Centennial Middle School, came up big.

"Jude is an amazing student in my classroom. He is so sweet and wonderful and to see all of these people come together for him was just amazing."

Grocery stores have seen empty shelves during this pandemic and Jude's mom couldn't get her hands on any ramen.

"She had been everywhere," said Centennial Middle School special education teacher Katie Jenkins. "She said one day she was at every store in Montrose and couldn't find a single square of ramen."

She even tried to trick him with substitutes but he wasn't having it, that's when the school community stepped up.

"It was immediate," said Jenkins. "On the thread in our zoom meeting, people were like, 'I have two packages right now in my cabinet.'"

All this just in the nick of time since April is Autism Awareness Month. The teachers donated all their supply at once while following social distancing rules and cleaning the ramen.

(patty bone and jude bone) "The response was overwhelming," Patty Bone said. "I was so surprised. well, not totally surprised because it's a really good community."

Jude couldn't have been happier.

"She said it was like Christmas morning," Jenkins said.

"I cried," Patty Bone said. "It also was a relief because that's one battle that we could win."

Now during this difficult time, Jude's routine can get back to normal.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart," Bone said. "I am just overwhelmed by the generosity."

Now as Jude learns to work from home remotely, there's one less thing he will have to worry about.