Montrose Issue 2A

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- It looks like voters have decided to give the Montrose Police department some new funding for more officers and a new building, but there are some other things that come with Issue 2A.

Issue 2A proposes raising the sales tax in the city of Montrose by more than 3.8 million dollars annually by putting in a 0.58 percent sales tax, or 58 cents on a one hundred dollar purchase.

The money will go toward hiring and training new officers, as well as productive policing methods, so the department can spend more time targeting specific criminals like drug dealers.

A new public safety facility would also be built.

A member of a pro-2A committee here in Montrose says he thinks this is something that the community needs.

One thing i have to say about this Police Department as all police departments, they don't look at things from the standpoint of what party affiliation are you, did you vote in favor of this or that, they are there to provide for your safety, regardless of how you voted," said 2A supporter, David Reed.

Chief Blaine Hall said he's seen a 54% increase in felony crimes since 2011.

MPD wants to add 14 new officers and 6 civilian staff.

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