Missionary detains armed burglar, no shots fired

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A man who lives south of Montrose faced a scary situation after Christmas, when he came home and found an armed burglar in his own cabin.

Kenny Easton is a missionary, and lives at Mountaintop Retreat, where he also works.

He says he came home with his wife on December 27th, and immediately knew something wasn't right.

He let his dogs run into his house, and they led him to a young man hiding in a bedroom, armed with a pistol...and it was pointed right at Kenny.

He says he is a concealed carry holder, and was able to detain the burglar with no bullets being fired but he told us the whole situation could have been avoided.

"If he had knocked on my door, you know, he would've got a meal, and he would have gotten a bed to sleep in, and i would have put him in touch with the local sheriff, and let him work out his problems, but unfortunately that's not how it worked out. But at least he didn't get shot, and he didn't shoot me."

The case was handled by the Ouray County Sheriff’s Office, and we are still waiting to hear back on the name of the suspect.