Missing boxer: What to do when pets go missing

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A local Grand Junction pet owner is desperately searching for her dog.

Walter Peanuts, the almost one-year-old boxer, went missing Sunday night after he was playing in the yard, near 26 Road and G Road. His owners fear he may have been stolen.

Officials say if you lose your pet you should call Animal Services right away. Their number is (970) 242-4646. They may have already found the pet or will be on the lookout.

Facebook lost and found pet pages have also been proven beneficial. Make a post on there for all to see, share, and like. The more publicity, the better.

Walter’s owners have done all of these things, including posting flyers around town. They say his post has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. Volunteers have gone door to door to spread the word, and one lady is going to use her own dog to help track Walters scent.

"There’s been no word at the shelters, nothing, I am kind of fearing the worst that someone picked him up and either wants to keep him or wants to sell him. I don't know but yeah, unfortunately, he just vanished…and our household is so broken, he [her son] asked me to take him to the posters so that he could say hi to his dog, it's heartbreaking,” said Jodi Niernberge, Walter’s owner.

Walter is all brown with a white chest. The owners have filed a police report. If you see him give Jodi a call at (303) 356-1724.

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