Mind Springs Health offering at-home mental health services

Published: Mar. 17, 2020 at 2:58 PM MDT
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Mind Springs Health hoping to help people cope with isolation by offering at-home mental health services.

Experts say isolation has many people struggling with their mental health, including those without previous mental health issues. To combat this, Mind Springs Health is taking advantage of their telehealth program. It's a way for patients to be able to keep up their mental health checks with their doctors through their computer or smart phone.

"There's something new and different happening in the world and people are anxious and we really want to help. We know that there's ways to practice skills to manage anxiety. We know, there's people who might be at home who are already depresses, who really need assistance, and we can get to them without them even leaving their home," said Michelle Hoy, Executive Vice President, Mind Springs Health.

This program is not just for current patients, anyone interested can sign up for the telehealth program.