Undersheriff returns military uniform to soldier’s family

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Montrose County Undersheriff took it upon himself to reunite an army uniform with its original owner.

For some people, wearing that uniform is a badge of honor, it's a part of who they are and what they've been through.

For one resident, getting that jacket back means so much more.

“I would ... I know I would want it back,” said Adam Murdie, Montrose County Undersheriff. The jacket came from an auction from a storage unit.

It’s a piece of American history.

"It’s an army dress uniform, well, jacket anyway; I guess they refer to them as army greens,” said Murdie.

Undersheriff Murdie took it upon himself to find its owner.

"Of course Facebook and social media led me to one of the sons, who is also in the military and he’s stationed in Washington,” said Murdie.

That son is Petty Officer Second Class Joshua Eide, active duty, United States Navy.

"It makes me feel like I still have a little piece of him after he is gone, you know?” said Joshua Eide.

After his father Rory Eide passed away recently, Josh says he is especially grateful.

"This is something that I can actually use to actually make his shadow box, because that is something that I desperately want to do,” said Eide.

He says he respects his father for who he was outside of the Army.

"He was my adopted father so I owe him, and his memory a lot,” said Eide.

The uniform was just a small part of his life's service.

"I owe the man a lot of respect and a lot of love because he showed that to me, and my siblings,” said Eide.

There's a greater reason to respect soldiers.

"These guys are the ones out there allowing us to do what we do back home. So, if people don't have respect for that, they don't have respect for anything,” said Murdie.

Joshua Eide said he is especially grateful to receive his adopted father's uniform because it reminds him that he was a loving and caring man, and he leaves a legacy that Josh wants to follow.

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