Mesa County school buses getting sanitized due to illness

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- Mesa County school buses getting sanitized to minimize the spread of germs.

Student Transportation of America disinfected their buses Tuesday afternoon in order to keep any illnesses from spreading. The company is cleaning the buses with a recently purchased sprayer that sprays a mist which wraps around surfaces and disinfects within minutes.

"We will sanitized approximately 148, 149 buses. We'll continue to sanitize the buses, weekly, through the end of December, and possibly into January, just depending on conditions," said Darrah Barnes, Terminal Manager.

This all happening as many schools are getting disinfecting overnight. That's prompted when there's a illness-related absentee rate of 10 percent. On Monday Rocky Mountain Elementary, Orchard Mesa Middle School and Grand Mesa Middle School hit that mark. Mount Garfield Middle School had no school in order to clean. According to District 51 officials, Clifton Elementary had a nine percent absentee rate and Central High had an eight percent rate on Tuesday.

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