Mesa County Jail treating inmates for rash, quarantine lifted

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Mesa County Jail is treating a number of inmates for a rash. It's confined to one section of one housing unit and the spokesperson for the Mesa County Sherriff's Office says it's impacting less than 2 percent of the population overall.

About eight inmates are impacted. Still, the jail is taking precautions.

It's in the same section of housing that was treated for confirmed cases of scabies in September.

This time it's a rash - and this rash is presenting symptoms different to what is typically seen in scabies.

The jail says every patient who has presented with a rash, has been seen and treated by our onsite clinical provider. Some patients were also treated, off-site by a dermatologist. The Health Department is also helping out.

Mesa County Public Health’s physician has seen all of the symptomatic inmates as well as reviewed medical records. While test results have not positively identified the cause, at this time, Mesa County Public Health officials are suspicious the rash is caused by scabies.

The jail is following Mesa County Public Health’s treatment recommendations. Which includes a dose of medicine. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office sent us a statement saying in part, "All inmates in the affected section of the housing unit received medication on Monday, including those who were symptomatic and those who were not, as a preventative treatment. In coordination with Mesa County Public Health all inmates who were treated Monday, will receive a second treatment next week."

The housing unit was under quarantine, but that was lifted Wednesday As a part of the quarantine, all clothing, linen, and mattresses were changed out, bagged and isolated for three days before being laundered.

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