Meet the man flying the 'Impeachment Now' plane

Published: Oct. 17, 2018 at 9:12 PM MDT
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You may have seen a plane flying around Wednesday with a banner that read, "Impeachment Now." It was big, and pretty hard to miss, "30 foot by 100 foot," said Tom Mace, the pilot of the plane.

Even though Mace is the man behind the controls, he's not the man behind the message.

"I just have a good website and they find me," Mace said.

He says he's flown plenty of political banners ranging from support for Trump to local sheriff's races -- and that it doesn't matter what the message is, he's just happy for the business.

"It started out as a hobby and has grown into a good little business," Mace said.

The group behind the banner is Mad Dog PAC-- and locally, Anne Landman. You may remember Landman is also the woman who helped put up controversial anti-Trump billboards in Grand Junction.

The plane wasn't cheap -- Landman tells us it was $3,400 for the plane to circle the Western Slope.