Marijuana pet poisonings on the rise

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- There have been a few Facebook posts about dogs being poisoned on Orchard Mesa.

Animal Services, Grand Junction Police and the Mesa County Sheriff's office can't confirm there have been any recent poisonings.

However, Animal Services said a dog was brought to a vet a couple weeks ago for a marijuana toxicology report, and they said marijuana poisonings have been on the rise for pets.

At Amigo Animal Clinic, Dominic Carrica, a veterinarian, said marijuana can harm your pets.

"Marijuana is a very dangerous product in pets," said Carrica. "A lot of it's size dependent, so if they ingest it or if they eat the buds, they can definitely get pretty sick."

Carrica said it can even be deadly for your cats and dogs. Mesa County Animal Services said there are a variety of home products that can harm your pets, including anti-freeze and poinsettias.

In 2016, the ASPCA ranked human prescription medicines as the number one most commonly ingested toxin by pets.

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