Man with ALS receives wheelchair accessible van for $1

Published: Aug. 18, 2016 at 2:28 PM MDT
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There was no down payment, no lease, and it only cost this family a buck.

Today, the Wiener family purchased a car for a dollar thanks to the Keenan Van Foundation.

In 2013, Adam Wiener of Durango was diagnosed with ALS, which is sometimes called Lou Gherig’s disease. While he is not in a wheel chair yet, thanks to the Keenan Van Foundation, Adam now has a van that is wheelchair accessible.

Adam said he plans to use the van to travel the country in what time he has left. He's also looking forward to taking the van out into the woods, and being able to drive to his daughter's dance classes.

He said this new van couldn't have come at a better time.

“For me, who just had my personal vehicle stolen, this really solving one of the biggest problems in my life,” said Adam. “That's how am I going to get myself around as I lose my ability to drive, and need someone else to take care of me—it’s just really hard to be home bound.”

Keenen Van foundation is a donation-based foundation looking to make transportation easier for those with ALS. The foundation has two vans, which they lease to families that have a member with ALS. Once the van can no longer be used, the foundation helps to transfer the van to another family.“>Click Here

to donate or get more information on the Keenan Van Foundation.