Man says he drowned neighbor's cat because it was ruining his lawn

Published: Jul. 28, 2017 at 8:57 PM MDT
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A Grand Junction man admitted to drowning his neighbor's cat after he said it was constantly ruining his lawn.

It reportedly happened on Mesa Crest Place near the Chipeta Golf Course.

The owner of the cat, Lisa DeShazer, posted her ordeal on Facebook. She said her two cats Miss Kitty and Little Mister went missing. Eventually, she heard Little Mister meowing from her neighbor’s yard from an animal trap.

She reportedly knocked on her neighbor Ed Haynes' door and said she thought her cat was trapped in one of his animal traps.

That's when Haynes said he drowned the cat because it was messing up his lawn-- essentially using his lawn as a bathroom.

He then reportedly shut the door. He reopened it holding the dead, wet cat locked in the cage.

Mesa County Animal Services said there are a number of things you can do to deter cats from your property.

"Motion sensor sprinklers, coins inside of an empty juice bottle, unabated mouse traps-- the cats are fast enough where they can't get injured by them but the sound deters them. Moth balls are another method,” said Doug Frye with Mesa County Animal Services.

Haynes wouldn't go on camera but said he tried a number of things to stop the cat from getting on his lawn, including moth balls, before he ultimately drowned it.

According to DeShazer's Facebook post, her other cat Miss Kitty has been missing since July 4th.

Animal Services said there are no leash laws for cats so they couldn't have picked up the cat anyway, that is unless the cat was sick or injured.

They are investigating and no citations or arrests have been made but charges are pending.