Man recounts wolf sighting in backyard

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MESA, Colo. (KJCT)- Mesa resident Richard Farr says he walked out to his back window early one morning, and explains what he saw was no ordinary dog.

“All of a sudden out of nowhere, one of the wolves came up and started digging underneath the fence,” says Farr.

Farr says he spotted what he believes was a grey wolf. He recounts that he saw not just one: “That’s when I had noticed that there was a second one that was out just a little further from where the first one was,” says Farr.

He says both scurried away too quick for him to capture a picture, but that paw prints still linger.

“Deer have definite tracks, just like a bobcat or another type of animal would. I have not seen tracks like this and in these type of patterns before,” says Farr.
Farr says he’s used to seeing coyotes in his yard, which CPW says are commonly mistaken for wolves.

“They tend to have a different slender type body to them and they don’t have the mane that wolves do. And this one had a definite silver and blackish gray mane to it. One of the real noticeable things are the ears,” says Farr.

CPW says they receive approximately 100 reports of wolves in the state each year. Officials say recent evidence strongly suggests a pack of grey wolves may now be residing in Northwest Colorado after sightings and an elk carcass were found.

“A lot of livestock in this area. Goats, sheep, small animals like that; they’ll go after real fast,” says Farr.

CPW says officers will continue to patrol their areas, and Farr is keeping an eye out too - putting up surveillance cameras to see if the animals return.
“We just need to be concerned and be on alert. See something, say something,” says Farr.

CPW says they have expected the eventual, natural return of wolves to the state as wolves have shown they will migrate to suitable habitat on their own.
Some of the reports and sightings of wolves have been confirmed. CPW will continue to monitor the return of wolves to Colorado, whether naturally or otherwise.
Farr did file an official report to CPW. CPW strongly urges the public to fill out their Wolf Sighting Form if they believe they have seen a wolf.

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