MCSD in talks with attorneys on Juul lawsuit

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Montrose County School District is in talks with a law firm going after the E-cigarette company, Juul.

On behalf of 80 school districts across the country, the California law firm is filing a class action lawsuit, against Juul Labs, a company that makes small vapes, or e-cigarettes.

They claim Juul used fraudulent advertising to appeal to young teens. The CDC has said e-cigarette use in young people has gone up substantially.

MCSD has not said if they will join the lawsuit just yet, but administrators say they are continuing to talk to the attorneys involved.

"We know that Colorado is number one in the country for vaping in teenagers, and we know that our area, Montrose County, and north and south of us a bit in our area…we are number one in Colorado, for vaping in teenagers," said Superintendent Stephen Schiell.

A decision is expected from the school board on June 9th.

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