MCSD ends in-person instruction at all campuses for the school year

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MONTROSE COUNTY,Colo.(KJCT)-- Montrose County school district has announced they are ending in-person instruction on all of their physical campuses for the remainder of the school year.

The decision to end in-person instruction is informed by the predictions and modeling of local, county and state public health officials, all of which suggests the impact of COVID-19 may peak in the final week of April.

Along with the Gunnison watershed district, as well at almost twenty other Colorado school districts, in-person instruction will end for this semester. Now most school districts transition into phase two of their remote learning program.

Montrose County is committed to remote learning, phase two will begin on April 13th and will be a home-based instructional model for the remainder of the school year.

As for graduation Montrose County School district says they are safely rescheduling and delaying graduation ceremonies until later in the summer, and will announce plans in the coming weeks.

During these trying times Montrose County says they are working together through this current crisis, knowing that sometime soon we will all be back together on-campus to learn.

Superintendent Stephen Schiell says he is open to answering any questions, his e-mail is

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