Local food truck gives free hot meals to truck drivers

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- Amid the coronavirus outbreak, truckers just keep on trucking. It's why one local business wants to bring ease to truck drivers, with a free meal.

“They're out there on the streets, they’re away from their families and they’re doing what they can do, and we just want to try and give back,” says Part-Owner Big Mike's Pork N’ Wings Jamie Williams.

“We really appreciate all the truckers, and you guys are hammered down, getting it done, bringing us food, and we’re going to give it back to you guys, you know,” says Part-Owner Big Mike’s Pork N’ Wings Mike Williams.

Big Mike's Pork N' Wings fed over 70 truckers recently out of their own pockets.

Now, they're asking the community to help with donations so they can keep it going. So, they started a GoFundMe.

Big Mike Pork N' wings says within three hours they had already received $300, their goal is $2,000.

To donate, you can visit, gofundme.com/f/feed-the-truckers-big-mikes

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