Last of Dave Davis art on sale

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CLIFTON, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The final works of Grand Valley artist, Dave Davis, will be on sale for the last time this weekend.

Davis was a famous local artist who was the mind behind downtown Grand Junction's beloved "Art on the Corner".

"He started that back in the early 80's with a group of other sculptures from around town. It's been replicated all over the world at this point. It was really the first of its kind,"said Amanda Davis, daughter.

She also says it boosted the Grand Valley's economy.

"It helped us through some really hard financial times in this valley, which is not something you'd think that art would be the thing that would pull you through some stuff, but it was really an attraction for people to come and enjoy," said Davis.

Now, she will be selling his last paintings and sculptures from his studio in Clifton.

"This will probably be the last sale I have," said Davis.

She says she plans on using the money to continue her father's non-profit organization that helped experienced artists mentor growing artists.

"Oh I would love to continue the art center that he created here. The non-profit, that he started, placing apprentices with other masters in the community. I would love to expand a little bit on what he did and maybe bring in some culinary arts," said Davis.

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