Large mosquito population at Loma Elementary

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LOMA, Colo. KKCO/KJCT News)-- Mosquito season is in its height, and some of the fields in Loma are hot spots. One parent at Loma Elementary says her daughter is getting serious bites on the playground.

“We would put bug spray on my daughter, both of my kids, every single morning. They would come home with ridiculous amounts of bites all over them, no matter what,” says the parent.

She says this has gone on for years, last year being the absolute worst. The mosquitoes were recently tested in Loma and Fruita, and Fruita did test positive for West Nile.

The mother says that the Loma Elementary principal has been actively involved in trying to remedy the situation. She doesn’t want this to be an attack on the school:

“Nobody wants anybody to get in trouble or say that nobody’s doing what their supposed to. We just want a solution as parents”.

She’s hoping that the fields can be properly sprayed and that the standing water can be removed:

“That is one of the biggest reasons why we have so many mosquitoes”.

In part of a statement, District 51 says: "Student health and safety are a top focus for the school district. We are aware that there are higher than normal populations of mosquitoes this year in Mesa County. We do know that two mosquito samples have tested positive in Fruita, and we take that seriously."

They also said in the statement that they do not know if any mosquitoes in Loma are carriers of West Nile. The Mosquito Control District boundaries end at 16 Road and testing for West Nile Virus does not reach as far as Loma.

The Mosquito Control District anticipates that the number of mosquitoes will drop as temperatures drop. So far in 2019 there have been no human cases of West Nile Virus in Mesa County.

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