Gym joiners jump in January

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- It's the usual saying, new year, new you, as millions of people nationwide are trying to work off those extra pounds by hitting the gym.

Fitness consultants at Mesa Fitness say they had already seen thousands of gym-goers on the first day of January.

They say the holidays are typically slow but as soon as the calendar changes, the crowds start running in and signing up.

"It's pretty busy in here," said Mesa Fitness Consultant Jesse Tohill.

Thousands of gym goers headed for the gyms, parks, and pools.

"So I just wanted to make sure I started the year off on the right foot," said gym member Tom Houska.

Taking to the bikes and machines to get in a much needed workout.

"Pretty big increase in gym memberships," said Tohill.

Trading the holiday weigh for dumbbells and barbells.

"We have classes, we have free weights we have machine weights we have a pool," said Tohill.

"Getting the first lift in for the year, I’m really excited I got some goals I want to hit, I want to get bigger, I want to get stronger, hopefully I get my body fat percentage down by my weight up, so I’m really excited," said gym member Bray Donweiszbord.

Taking the plunge into a healthier New Year.

"Overall if you just want to improve your quality of life and just get to feeling better and looking better this is the place right here," said Donweiszbrod.

"Try to live a fit and healthy lifestyle because I think there's a really strong correlation between fitness, physical fitness and mental health," said Houska.

With deals on memberships and classes, they say now is a perfect time to join.

"It doesn't matter what the calendar says, it's always a great idea to start on a healthier path," said Tohill.

Encouraging everyone to make their resolution last beyond January.

"Everyone is here for the same reason, everyone is just trying to get better," said Donsweiszbrod.

Mesa Fitness is hosting their annual 12-week body transformation challenge.

It's a vigorous workout plan designed to help you get fit and healthy.

They will take before and after photos to show you how your body has changed after just a few weeks.

Even if you can't make it to the gym, simple things like changing your diet, taking the stairs, or biking to work are little ways to improve your overall health.

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