Issues facing Delta County Jail

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 5:09 PM MST
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Delta county jail needs help. Particularly, with giving health care to its inmates.

They thought they were on their way to fixing the problem with a measure this past November, but it failed.

The jail is definitely feeling the effects of the failed "Back the Badge" initiative from last month.

It would have helped with staff shortages and taking care of major medical issues among inmates.

Their plan now is to educate the public.

The money that the sheriff's office would have gotten would have been allocated towards hiring new deputies for the jail, among other things.

The jail hasn't seen staff increases in years, despite the growing number of inmates they see.

With only one nurse and doctor staffed at the jail, they aren't able to provide the services needed to inmates.

“Our daily inmate average has been near or at capacity in 2019 across the boards,” says Mark Taylor, Delta County Sheriff.

If the initiative passed, it would have raised sales tax by 1% in Delta County.

Delta County Sheriff's Office does plan to put a similar measure on the 2020 November ballot.