Her Story: President and CEO of HopeWest Hospice

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The number of women running top companies in the U.S. and abroad is still very small. There are only 23 female CEOs of S&P’s top 500 companies. That's not even 5 percent.

Those numbers are according to the women’s nonprofit Catalyst.

Christy Whitney Borchard is the president and CEO of HopeWest Hospice. She says over her lifelong career, she’s often been the only woman in the boardroom.

She’s managed to turn the dream of opening a hospice into opening several locations in 5 counties.

"I've been extraordinarily lucky to have this career,” she said.

Starting her career as a nurse and then movied into management.

"I was really active in leading volunteer things when I was growing up,” she said.

She lived all over the country, before coming back home to Colorado, to help create the first hospice.

"I became a department head and took on other departments there and was the vice president at the hospital and was recruited to be the CEO at hospice in northern Virginia one of the first hospices in America,” she said. "I thought well that would be a really cool job to start a hospice from scratch and so I decided to make the move."

In 1993 HopeWest was founded. The non-profit provides care for those who are dying and grief counseling for families.

"So it's like going from one person to a town,” she said.

Christy oversees hundreds of patients and thousands of staff, helping patients in their last moments of life.

"Life’s challenges are going to come your way in a way you don't expect and all we can really do is be here for each other through that," she said. "When you look back 25 years that I have been here it doesn't seem possible,."

She says if and when she retires, she wants to continue teaching the next generation of managers.

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