Grand Valley artists create comic book shown at Comic-Con

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- Six local artists are making their mark by creating a comic book all about Grand Junction.

They're calling it the Junktown Comic Book Project.

“My story is called 'Grim Dark Under Rock' which is about a goblin who lives in a dungeon and all he wants to do is drink tea and do his crossword puzzle," said comic book author Bryan Wade.

There are six stories with six points of view.

"If you remember "Punchout" from the 80's-- take fairy tale princesses and "Punchout" and mix them in a blender and that's where you get my comic," said comic book author Steve Moore.

Junktown was shown at the 2017 Mesa County Comic-Con.

"It's stuff you're not going to find anywhere else," said Moore.

This year, Comic-Con had to be moved to Two Rivers Convention Center from the Mesa County Public Library

"It's getting bigger and bigger and bigger," said Moore.

"You're not judged and have a safe place," says Isabelle Basham who attended Comic-Con as Anime character Totoro.

Basham along with others dressed up in Anime and more to celebrate all things cosplay.

"Totoro is such a lovable character and it's so fun to dress up as a giant, lovable character that a lot of people know," said Basham.

Whether you came dressed as It, Princess Leia, Ghost Rider or little Superman, no doubt, it was a land where, for the weekend, these folks could escape.

"It's a fun reason to dress up and be goofy and meet other people and make friends," said Basham.

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