Grand Junction street crews prepare for colder weather

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Temperatures dropped to the high 30's Monday, bringing rain and some snow flurries to the valley.

City crews have only been deployed three times this year as a precaution.

"So it's been pretty minimal this year,” said Scott Norton, the crew leader for Grand Junction’s street department.

The nice weather has had its postive points.

"It's allowed us to get stuff done that we haven't been getting done in the last few years, some other services,” said Darren Starr, the manager of Streets and Solid Waste for Grand Junction.

"We have even been cracking filling, potholing, some dirt work where we can,” said Norton.

City road crews are finally firing up their plows.

"We can work anywhere from eight hours to 12-hour shifts depending on what we have coming in,” said Norton.

Monitoring road cameras, bridge temperatures, and local weather reports.

With more than 800 tons of deicing salt, several snow plow trucks, and a crew of ten, they say they're ready for what Mother Nature has to offer, To make sure the roads stay safe and accident-free.

"Load up, go around, put down product if we need to,” said Starr.

"It's to get the traveling public where they need to be where they want to be and also we have our families out there trying to get where they need to be,” said Norton.

City crews say to take extra precaution when driving on bridges and shady areas as those are the first to freeze and last to defrost.

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