Grand Junction recycling program doing well amid nationwide recycling struggles

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- Recycling programs across the United States are struggling as China will no longer take their materials, but a Grand Junction facility say they're doing fine.

Back in 2017, China said they would no longer accept recyclables that have more than half of one percent contamination. This is a big issue for many facilities because they use a single-stream system, which means, everything is recycled into one bin and separated at the facility. This outdated process leads to contamination from misplaced trash, wrong plastics or even glass; rendering the material unrecyclable. GJ CRI isn't faced with this issue because they use a multi-stream system so recyclables are initially separated into categorized bins.

“If you use our curbside service, there’s five categories of materials. Here at the drop-off, there’s an extra two. So the difference between the curbside, where we have you put your glass out, and here at the drop-off is we have you separate your glass into the color which creates a different category and we also have a phone books and magazines category here at the drop-off,” said Jonathan Hontz, Administrative Manager.

Unlike many other American recycling facilities, GJ CRI doesn't ship their materials overseas for processing. Instead, their materials are sent to different facilities across the country.

If your housing doesn't offer recycling, the public is welcome to drop it off at the GJ CRI facility off Riverside Parkway.

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