Grand Junction Residents Put Their Trucks to the Test

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- If you were in Grand Junction Saturday you may have actually heard this event – it was a loud one. A local business, Diesel Doctors, invited the community to come out and put their trucks to the test.

“We’re having a dyno event – it’s where people with modified pickups, come and they check out the horsepower and torque of what modifications they’ve done to improve what they were from stock,” said Jim Quain, owner of Diesel Doctors.

For those of us who aren’t car enthusiasts, they were essentially testing how big and bad their trucks are when they hit the road.

"It's not something that's real simple,” Quain said. “It's something that takes a lot of experience.”

Quain says that this event allows them to connect with loyal customers.

“It gives us the opportunity to take that experience that we have and help people with what their dreams are," said Quain.

He also noted that this type of car ownership has become a staple of their business.

"I think we've branched off into a performance wing, it's becoming a big market, it allows us to help people with what they're wanting to do,” Quain said.

If you missed the diesel dyno this year, not to fear – Diesel Doctors host a summer version as well.

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