Glacier Ice Arena up for sale

Published: Jun. 15, 2019 at 4:24 PM MDT
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After thirteen years of business, the Glacier Ice Arena is up for sale.

Family owned since 2006, the arena has been the main place to skate in Grand Junction. The rink has been home to many events and clubs, including CMU's club hockey team, and has been a great spot for families and kids to hang out. But the owners have decided to step aside and put the space up for sale.

"The family is older now and it's time to move on. We've stepped up and we've built it and got it up and running so we did the hard part. It's time for someone else to hopefully step up and continue this in the Grand Valley," says one of the family owners Alan Koos.

The family is hoping that whoever purchases the space will keep it as an ice rink, otherwise, it will turn into a commercial building. Even though the rink is closed for the summer, it will open again, still as an ice rink, on July 27th.