Drainage district: Refunds go back to property, not individual

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Grand Valley Drainage District says refunds from the stormwater drainage fee, which was ruled a tax this summer, will be paid back to the property that the payment came from, not necessarily the individual person.

"If you paid into something and it was considered a tax, and it was supposed to be refunded to you, would it be fair that it went to, your neighbor?" said Mesa County resident, Tina Bond.

She says she moved out of her old house in August, and called the district to send her refund to a new address. But she was told, that wouldn't happen, because she moved.

"They wouldn't be able to change my address on their records, and that refund would go to the current homeowner," Bond said.

If Tina bought a new house, she might get some form of refund.

"If I bought another home in Mesa County that had paid into this Grand Valley Drainage District, then I would get their refund," Bond said.

GVDD says that's exactly how they are refunding the money.

"Specifically being a tax, the money goes back to the specific parcel," said General Manager, Tim Ryan.

Tim says this all falls on TABOR, the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

"TABOR doesn't require your refund to be proportionate, it can be disproportional. Our debt to the district is to the district as a whole, not so much to the individuals that paid," Ryan said.

For Tina, it's not about the amount of money she's missing. It's the principle.

"They collected the money from individuals, they did not collect it from a piece of property," Bond said.

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