Experts explain swarm of butterflies seen on weather radar

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- You might have seen the picture going viral online, it’s supposed to be a swarm of butterflies blocking the weather radar over Colorado.

It wasn't edited or faked. Experts at the Grand Junction Botanical Gardens say it was millions of Painted Lady butterflies.

"There's a billion of those. That's why the radar picked them up as -- they thought it was a mass of birds -- but it was a billion butterflies migrating all at once. That's huge!" said Doug Sorter with the botanical gardens.

He said they look a lot like Monarch butterflies, but they're even more common. That particular group is on its way to Mexico for the winter.

Sorter said we don't have any of those butterflies at the botanical gardens, but there are plenty of others there for you to check out.

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